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   Thursday, January 10, 2002  

Related reference material regarding Smart Webservices :
Emerging Wireless Web Applications
8:35 AM  
At last am able to retrieve and set the archives in order ( thanks to blogger coming back up ) , at least for the time being the tech log will remain here , before moving onto its own domain .

Archived the missing log from Wednesday, November 28, 2001

I have been wanting to write about my affair with the wireless technology for over a year and also about multi channel delivery frameworks.
Nice place to start would be on a wednesday , coz its WAPWEDNESDAY , i just realized after attending the year ending wap wednesday event , marking the second anniversary of wap wednesday in London.
In case you are not aware of what Wapwednesday is all about , i suggest you check out the website : http://www.wapwednesday.com/ This is one great concept and i love attending the wap wednesday meetings.
Today's presentation was really interesting , especially the "Intrasonics - Data over audio - the new link between broadcast and mobile"
The demo and technology was impressive - the high point of the evening .

The idea and concept that digital information can be passed onto a mobile device via standard acoustic broadcast mechanism , lets say for example via PA system or via Radio and the mobile device can detect the URL that is passed via radio playing a song ... that was difficult for me gulp at the first go
The concept just seemed so trivial but yet revolutionary , and some of the people i spoke to and even during the QandA session people confirmed and double checked that what they have seen is not something that was played on a mobile device for instance using media player !!
The intrasonics presentation will be made available on the wapwednesday site soon , look in the archives for more info.
People have always told me that TV and Pink Floyd music for instance or any psychedillic music carried sublimal messages ..whatever .. now what do i see ...
The way this works - you are listening to music over the radio , and you want to purchase the CD or want more info on the track , the software running on the mobile device is also listening to it at the same time . The radio apart from music also carries signals that is deciphered by the mobile device and can then connect to the internet or dial a number automatically . The killer app wireless app or a potential 3G killer app? what ever it is , i am sold by this great idea .
For more info on Intrasonics : http://www.thecommslab.com/tech_casestudy_intrasonics.asp
I have to repeat this from my presentation notes : " data is hidden in regular audio using psycho acoustic masking " - This is not star trek ..engines on warp5 -------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

While on the topic of Wireless applications and networks , Lee Garber’s feature article on Computer.org , Will 3G Really Be the Next Big Wireless Technology? looks at the current state of 3G networks and the future of wireless applications .
To quote from the article : “Most industry observers agree that next-level wireless technology will offer more bandwidth, security, and reliability, making it more suitable for multimedia, e-commerce, videoconferencing, and other advanced applications.”

The key feature going back to the comment on Nov 28 , is again “technology push and a market pull” - Victor O.K. Li, professor of information engineering at Hong Kong University as quoted in the computer.org article .

7:59 AM
   Thursday, January 03, 2002  
Starting the new year with NO resolutions this time . Hope everyone had a great time over christmas holidays and blast of a time over new years eve , piss drunk on 31st ...and back to work as of yesterday or today.
Getting back to work and trying to look around for a design document for System "X" which no one seems to know how it works i realized the reason why even AOL didn't know why or how their spam filtering system worked ( and is still working - as they say if it aint broke don't fix it , let alone try to figure out how it works )! - http://www.canoe.ca/CNEWSTechNews0201/01_harvard-ap.html
AOL now seem to have another problem with their AIM , this time a fatal vulnerability http://www.w00w00.org/
10:43 AM
   Friday, December 21, 2001  
:2002 forecast :

I was wrong in assuming that the bickering about webservices being the next big thing or not has died - Webservices : More smoke than fire.
Well if you ask me , one can go on and about whether segway is the next big thing or not - The answer still remains that it is not revolutionary , it was on the drawing board for sometime and defies conventional wisdom at the first look of it , but even if it were to take off in a big way , i dont see it replacing bicycles or other modes of transport. Let alone cities being built around it .
Why wouldn't cities be built around it ?? so how is the topic of web services related to this ?
The point i am trying to make is that the concept of webservices will survive and makes sense to use in certain cases.
The main reason for skepticism is because of its immaturity & Specs that is not complete and undergoes changes once too often.
Back in 97 David Glenn wrote an article on Peer to Peer adoption titled "Timing is everything" which fits the picture. And if i had a wish this christmas for santa it would be no different from that of Tim and Martin's .
Bottom line -webservices will find adoption , and the imperative to embrace this technology would surely be a reason to cut integration costs within the enterprise by making disparate systems talk to each other. Even then i am sure there will be a lot of ongoing discussions and articles like this one : XMLRPC vs XML_pickle !
12:03 PM
   Thursday, December 20, 2001  
Experiencing problems in moving the blog to a new domain and bringing archives back to life - pls bear with me
3:18 AM
   Tuesday, November 27, 2001  
Its the world cup qualifying season and i am so used to seeing a lot of good matches lately ( Except of course the FA cup where Manutd isn't really performing very well ) , Ok back to business , its been a season of X vs Y .
Tech magazine pages seem to be filled with opinions as to what is better and why and everyone seem to have one !
For the past 2 weeks i seem to have read more articles on xbox vs cube , soap vs xmlrpc , c# vs java , j2ee vs .net etc vs etc., than ever before.
What caught my attention though is this article : Sharper Than Ever-Microsoft's C# Language Might Be the Death of Java, but Sun's the One to Blame : Robert X. Cringely
Ok another article on PBS, so what ?

"It is easy to criticize Microsoft. Heck, I've made a career of it." - Cringley .

And then the article finishes with the conclusion - Now Java begins its slow decline as C# becomes dominant. I don't want it to be this way, but it deserves to be this way.
A touch of humor perhaps : to quote The guy probably started his design process by reading Learn Java in 21 Days. Referring to Anders Hejlsberg . Now if i have come across one article since late 2000 which goes onto convince me that c# is better than java and java is going to be eliminated from the face of this earth , this will be it .
I will not reveal the ending : watch it for yourself - Now playing at :http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/pulpit20011101.html Halloween special , large coke and large popcorn for me please .
Deja vu' : Still recall reading - C#: A language alternative or just J--? by Mark Johnson late 2000 was it ? Now that is what i call a technical comparison article.
And about the choice of language , will people be coding in c# or smalltalk or c++ or java in 3 months time ? One of the best possible answer is from Hejlsberg himself "Language is a funny thing: It's a matter of taste. Language is almost a religious thing, and it's a lifestyle choice for programmers."
Interview with Hejlsberg :
CLR or JVM ,rather CLR vs JVM should be another article i am hoping for in the near future.

And what next ? Voluntary redundancy requests in the cafeteria menu's ? http://www.nytimes.com/2001/11/26/technology/ebusiness/26VOIC.html Over and out
1:20 PM
   Monday, November 26, 2001  
Are the servers hosted in jungles nowadays ? Well at least i seem to think they did coz -

"And as for the bodyguards, Boo did in fact hire a team of ex-Ghurkas (Nepalese soldiers trained in jungle combat). But they were there to guard Boo's servers and other valuable infrastructure, not to protect its executives. " - http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,48470,00.html- Boohoo Tells a Dot-Com Disaster - Now should i buy this book or should i wait till Jan 15 and buy the book by Philip J Kaplan -
F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot Com Flameouts
While we are talking about Mr Kaplan , would be really interesting to see if his site turns out to be another case of George Mantis - VW row

Moving on to the Vs series , heres the latest :

1. XBox vs. Cube Is a Waiting Game


And Dave Winer on the comparison Hmmmm Ajax were beaten by PSV 3-1 , not sure if XMLRPC will be beaten 3-1 , but i think the odds are 1-3. Anyone care to bet your money on ...

And another reason to visit India , to feel lighter and lose weight - You are not heavy set in india you know - you lose weight automatically , no satellites don't lie - Grace (Gravity Recovery And Climatic Experiment):

2:16 PM
   Saturday, November 17, 2001  
Updated the Visual - Sighting section of the site - http://javarecon.tripod.com/sight.html
11:58 AM

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